How many World Cup Swaps Tokens are there in FUT 23?

The World Cup has taken over FIFA 23, with plenty of Ultimate Team content being delivered throughout the event.

The World Cup Swaps release has caused some confusion amongst the community, so we're here to help.

Find out how many World Cup Swaps Tokens are actually in FUT 23 below.

How many World Cup Swaps Tokens are there?

On the surface, this looks like a pretty simple question to answer, however, there have been some complications.

EA initially announced that there would be 50 World Cup Swaps Tokens:

FIFA World Cup Swaps is here! You can earn up to 50 FIFA World Cup Swaps Tokens in-game from now until the program ends on January 4th.

Yet, with eight more Swaps Tokens added via the FIFA World Cup Week 4 on Sunday, 4 December, 52 Swaps Tokens have now been released!

This could be explained by two of the Tokens coming via Packs in the FUT Store, which could be seen as 'bonus' ones.

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CONFUSED? - There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to the question

This thought is backed up by the following line from EA's statement:

Plus, look out for some bonus FIFA World Cup Swap tokens available in the FUT Store.

However, the uncertainty doesn't end there...

If you check concept players in Ultimate Team and filter via World Cup Swaps, 60 cards appear!

So, counter to what EA originally stated, we believe 60 World Cup Swaps Tokens will be available.

Duplicate Swaps Tokens

In case the situation wasn't complicated enough, on Saturday, 3 December, three duplicate Swaps Tokens were added as rewards for the World Cup Swaps Showcase IV Objectives.

Some players were able to complete those tasks and earn the three duplicate Tokens before EA corrected the mistake.

In sorting that error, EA said that "[t]hose that received incorrect Swap Tokens will receive the correct ones, in game".

This means that those players will have an additional three Tokens compared to other users.

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