RealSport101 FIFA Advent Calendar - Day 6

RealSport Advent Calendar Day 6

Our FIFA advent calendar continues to reveal some of our favourite players from over the years.

It's time to take another trip down memory lane, so let's find out who is hiding behind door number 6!

RealSport101 Advent Calendar - Day 6

A real speed demon, we're sure you've enjoyed cruising down the wing and blazing past defenders with our pick today.

Whether it's in Kick Off, Career Mode or Ultimate Team, you'll always be having fun when this man is on the ball!

Adama Traore - FIFA 19 and Beyond

He may not be one of the best-rated players in the game, but there is no escaping the fact that Adama Traore is one of the most effective around.

For years we have had gameplay and a meta that suits pacey players, so if you can get one of the quickest around you're laughing!

Obviously, speed is the main aspect that makes Adama stand out from the crowd, but his physicality, agility and dribbling all combine to make him a tough guy to deal with.

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BEAST MODE - Traore's final FUTTIES version was INSANE in FUT 21

His story really kicked off in FIFA 19, the first game he received a card with 96 PAC, and it hasn't dropped below that since.

A favourite pick for EA as a promo card, his best incarnation is probably his FUTTIES Winner variant in FIFA 21.

However, he doesn't need an upgrade to be a pest for defenders, with his base card a go-to for many FUT players in the early game, and he is still a great card to bring off the bench even once the power curve has increased.

Controlling the Beast

Adama Traore started life off at Barcelona, before moving to Aston Villa, then Middlesborough, and then ending up at Wolves.

He will be best known for his time spent in the gold shirt, with countless exciting runs springing to mind.

At times the Spaniard can be unplayable and is known to lather his arms with baby oil to stop defenders from being able to get a grip and foul him.

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TIME TO SHINE - Can Traore really excel before the sun sets on his career?

However, he has always been a rough diamond, and despite his incredible physicality and ball control, a lack of end product has kept him from reaching the next level.

Currently, he sits on 30 goals and 57 assists in 347 appearances, but you feel like with the right coach, his goal involvements could increase massively.

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