When could we see ICON Swaps Set 2 in FUT 21?

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Icon Swaps 2 was expected to arrive alongside FUT 21 Season 4, but EA has kept us waiting.

It looks like we've finally been put out of our misery, however.

Latest - Loading Screen confirmed Icon Swaps 2 arrival

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THE GRIND CONTINUES - Get ready for a string of objectives for Icon Swaps 2

It now just remains to be seen what the objectives are, and what the Swap rewards will be!

Feeling Refreshed

Given how quiet the January transfer window was, it would make sense if EA introduced Icon Swaps Set 2 as part of the Winter Refresh promo.

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STONE COLD - Could we get some Icon Swaps content in the Winter Refresh promo?

We expect the next set to be revealed before the end of the month, with Friday, 19 February our predicted release date.

Season 4

We have now entered Season 4 on FUT Ultimate Team, with brand new objectives and rewards to work towards.

ICON Swaps Set 1 expired at the end of Season 3, leaving us without ICON Swap objectives for the first time in months.

fifa 21 icon swaps set 1
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OLD NEWS - These six players are no longer available

Thierry Henry was the top pick in Set 1, so an even better card should be the prize in Set 2, whenever that may be.

Ronald Koeman and Nemanja Vidic were also notable options, if you managed to pick up enough tokens.

We would love to see Samuel Eto'o included in Set 2, his ICON cards are among the finest in the game!

Release Date

We may not have to wait too much longer before ICON Swaps Set 2 arrives.

With so much released on Friday, 12 February, including Future Stars Team 2, it makes sense for EA to hold off on ICON Swaps.

samuel eto'o fifa 21 icon card ultimate team
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UNSTOPPABLE - Eto'o is one of the best strikers on FUT 21

It now looks as if Icon Swaps 2 could arrive alongside the Winter Refresh promo.

This is expected to land on Friday, 19 February.

For what we know about Winter Refresh, head here.

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