Football Manager 2020: Update 20.2.4 - Release Date, Download, Match Engine Improvements, Performance Optimisation, Tweaks & more

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Football Manager's Update 20.2.4 has just gone live!

This patch, alongside some performance optimisation, includes an updated match engine containing a whole host of tweaks, improvements and changes. 

As always, this update is 'save game compatible', so the next time you log onto Steam it’ll automatically update.

If for whatever reason you find the game hasn’t updated, we’d recommend restarting Steam.

Continue reading for all the details we have on the patch.

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So what's changed?

FM players will be delighted to hear that the headline to this update is improved one-on-one finishing. No longer will your star striker be through on goal and come away with one goal in 12.

Along with that are tweaks to the penalty kick conversion rate and a lower frequency of players overrunning the ball and losing possession,

This is a welcome change for the majority of players who take over big clubs and fight their way to the top of the table. It should mean your stacked Man City team no longer suffer weird runs of 0-0 draws with lower opposition.

It isn't all at the top of the park though. Some fo the match engine changes will impact your defence.

There will be improved defensive tracking of long balls and more realistic recoveries from slide tackles.

The full list of Match Engine changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved one-on-one finishing
  • Performance and optimisation improvements
  • Recalculations regarding clear-cut chances
  • Tweaks to penalty kick conversion rates
  • Lowered frequency of players overrunning ball and losing possession
  • Improved realism of player recoveries from slide tackles
  • Improved crossing variation and instruction behaviour
  • Improved defensive tracking from long balls
  • Improved heading accuracy 
  • Improvements/tweaks to referee behaviour
  • Throw-in positional adjustments 
  • Various other balancing tweaks/improvements

However, it should be noted that this Football Manager patch doesn't contain any winter transfer updates.

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The FM20 twitter account quickly added that these updates will come around late February/ early March once all of the transfer windows have closed.

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Stay tuned for our updates!

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