FM 21 Editor: Steam, How to install, Where is it, & more

Football Manager 2021 release day is here at last.

While the Beta has been available for two weeks now, an update has arrived with the full release. And that's not the only thing that's landed.

The FM21 Editor is here!

How to install FM21 Editor

Frustratingly, the FM21 Editor is hidden away on Steam. You can't just get to it from the FM21 game. Luckily, we're here to help.

FM21 tools on Steam
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HOW TO FIND FM21 EDITOR: It's tucked away in a dark corner of Steam

Head over to your Steam library. If you've already purchased Football Manager 2021 then click the Games drop-down menu and tick Tools instead of Games.

If you then scroll down you should find the Football Manager 2021 Editor!

Football Manager 2021 Editor on Steam
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INSTALL ME: I think you know where to click now

Then it's a simple click on the big install button! The Editor is only 17.6 MB so it should be done in a flash.

What can you do with the FM21 Editor?

The free FM21 Editor lets you do pretty much anything to the database. You can give your non-League team £1 billion or create yourself in the game with 20 on every attribute.

The Football Manager 2021 Editor start screen
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EDIT ME: Fulfil your wildest football dreams in the FM21 Editor

The Editor will load up the current database, and from there you can go to work.

Once you're done make sure you save your work as a separate database. You can then start a new FM21 save with that edited database, where Lionel Messi an Real Madrid player or Jose Mourinho is back at Stamford Bridge.

What about the In-Game Editor?

The FM21 Editor can only be used out of game and can only impact a new save. If you want to do some editing with-in your save you'll need the In-Game Editor.

The Football Manager 2021 In-Game Editor on Steam
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GOD-LIKE POWER: With the In-Game Editor you can do anything

The In-Game Editor does cost an extra £3.99, but it will let you add traits to players, fix their contract details, or push transfers through.

It really does make you the most powerful manager in the footballing world!

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