FM21: All the best Assistant Managers to hire - Lijnders, Sacramento, Farris & more

Sometimes you just need that extra pair of hands to push you in the right direction in your quest for success.

Thankfully, there are plenty of top quality assistant managers out there to do exactly that.

Here are the best assistant managers in FM21 to help you on your quest for success.

Pepijn Lijnders (CA 170 - PA 180)

Lijnders FM21
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Age: 37

Club: Liverpool

Country: Netherlands

Best Attributes: 17 Motivating, 17 Level of Discipline, 17 Tactical, 17 Working With Youngsters

Wage: £21.5k p/w

The battle between City and Liverpool is headed by Pep and Klopp, but Liverpool have their own Pep working wonders too.

Their assistant manager - 37-year-old Pepijn Lijnders - is the brains behind Klopp's masterful work at Liverpool, with the Dutchman's 170-rated ability making him the very best AM in FM21.

His 17-rated ability in Working With Youngsters makes him a great appointment for any club taking a youthful approach. He won't come cheap though.

Joao Sacramento (CA 165 - PA 180)

Sacramento FM21
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Age: 31

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: 20 Adaptability, 18 Determination, 17 Tactical, 17 Tactical Knowledge

Wage: £30k p/w

Spurs are a tantalising prospect on FM21 and their right-hand man has a big role to play in that.

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Portuguese AM Joao Sacramento has been a key part of Spurs' recent turnaround, with the youngster's incredible adaptability (20-rated) the key to his work.

At just 31 years of age, you could build quite a relationship with Sacramento. He'll only get better at what he does too!

Massimiliano Farris (CA 158 - PA 161)

Farris FM21
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Age: 49

Club: S.S. Lazio

Country: Italy

Best Attributes: 18 Judging Player Ability, 18 Judging Player Potential, 18 Knowledge

Wage: £5.5k p/w

We've seen a couple of younger assistants so far, now for one with a wealth of experience.

Lazio assistant Massimiliano Farris has been involved in management for the last decade, and has quickly developed an eye for judging potential and ability as you can by his best attributes.

He's got a small margin for growth, and will come at a fraction of the weekly wage of Lijnders and Sacramento.

Sidnei Lobo (CA 153 - PA 174)

Lobo FM21
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Age: 50

Club: BAH

Country: Brazil

Best Attributes: 18 Judging Player Ability, 18 Judging Player Potential, 17 Tactical, 17 Technical

Wage: £1.7k p/w

Another AM with plenty of experience is BAH's assistant, Sidnei Lobo.

The 50-year-old Brazilian has a preferred tactical style of Tiki-Taka and a great knowledge of the Brazilian network as well as a fair knowledge of China.

A great appointment for anyone who's looking to keep hold of the ball and pass their opponent to death.

Cristian Stellini (CA 151 - PA 157)

Stellini FM21
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Age: 46

Club: Inter

Country: Italy

Best Attributes: 20 Tactical, 17 Tactical Knowledge, 17 Defending

Wage: £12k p/w

Now football isn't always about scoring goals.

Preventing your opponent from finding the back of the net is just as important as scoring goals yourself, with Cristian Stellini one of the best assistant managers to help those who are struggling defensively.

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The 46-year-old will command a reasonable £12k p/w wage.

Rui Pedro Silva (CA 150 - PA 156)

Rui Pedro Silva FM21
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Age: 50

Club: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: 17 Motivating, 17 Judging Player Ability, 16 Man Management

Wage: £8k p/w

The Premier League is littered with top assistant managers, including Wolves' Rui Pedro Silva.

The Portuguese assistant has an extensive world knowledge that includes maxed out knowledge in England, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

His ability to get the dressing room motivated shouldn't be overlooked either. £8k p/w is a fair wage for the 50-year-old.

Nils Arne Eggen (CA 150 - PA 170)

Eggen FM21
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Age: 78

Club: Okria

Country: Norway

Best Attributes: 18 Attacking, 18 Motivating, 18 Determination, 18 Level of Discipline

Wage: N/A

Another great assistant to consider is Norweigan Nils Arne Eggen.

The 78-year-old has certainly got his fair share of experience around the management world, with his attacking the key to his game.

Unfortunately, the Okra man has the long term plan to become manager at Orkla after a long period as number two, we doubt he'll join you on your quest for FM glory.

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