Football Manager 2022 Bargain Defensive Midfielders: The super cheap midfield dominators you need in your team

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Football Manager 2022 has finally arrived, which means it's time to start assembling your squad of superstars ahead of the new season.

We've got you covered for ten of the best bargain defensive midfielders you can sign in FM22, with each of these options available for dirt cheap in this year's game.

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Riechedly Bazoer

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Age: 24

Club: Vitesse

Value: £650,000 - 7 million

Wage: £4,500 a week

When it comes to snatching a mega bargain in FM22, there aren't many better options than Riechedly Bazoer.

With a great array of stats and a ready-made quality to step into your team, snapping up this flying Dutchman could be one of the best signings you make in Football Manager 2022.

Joshua Guilavogui

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Age: 30

Club: Wolfsburg

Value: £5.2 - 6.4 million

Wage: £49,500 a week

A hard-hitting combatant midfield who works tirelessly for the team, Joshua Guilavogui is the perfect defensive midfielder for your team.

Whilst he may be older, your small investment is sure to wield great rewards as this French star enters his prime.

Phillip Billing

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Age: 25

Club: Bournemouth

Value: £5.4 - 6.4 million

Wage: £15,000 a week

A man with plenty of Premier League experience, Phillip Billing has never truly reached his full potential.

Now available for a cut-price, we think you should be swooping in and hoping you can be the manager that takes the great Dane to the next level.

Thiago Mendes

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Age: 29

Club: Lyon

Value: £5.2 million

Wage: £59,000 a week

Much like Guilavogui, Thiago Mendes is an experienced performer with a great range of stats and a touch of class.

Strong defensively but also able to pick out a killer pass, Mendes is a player that you should be looking to capture in FM22.


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Age: 22

Club: Levante

Value: £300,000 - 3 million

Wage: £8,250 a week

A youngster with plenty of room to grow, signing Pepelu could lead to major success/profits in Football Manager 2022.

A classy player who can dictate the play from the middle, this Spanish star is one of the best bargains available in this year's game.

Tudor Baluta

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Age: 22

Club: Brighton

Value: £6.6 - 8 million

Wage: £9,000 a week

He may not be as cheap as some of the other options on this list, but Tudor Baluta is still a dangerously capable player who could grow into something special.

With the Romanian available at a relatively low price, we think signing Baluta is a no brainer.

Jean-Manuel Mbom

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Age: 21

Club: Werder Bremen

Value: £1 - 9.8 million

Wage: £2,100 a week

A German youngster who could be set to explode into a superstar, Jean-Manuel Mbom is the man you need at the heart of your midfield.

A wonderful player who isn't afraid to get stuck in, capturing this star for less than £10 million will be a bargain for any team.

Cheikh Niasse

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Age: 21

Club: LOSC

Value: £130,000 - 1.3 million

Wage: £9,750 a week


Available for an absolute snip, Cheikh Niasse is a young Senegalese midfielder with all the attributes to become a star.

His defensive stats and overall physical capabilities make him an appealing prospect for any manager, and we think you should snap him up before someone beats you to it.

Nemanja Maksimovic

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Age: 26

Club: Getafe

Value: £6.4 - 10.5 million

Wage: £19,750 a week

We've seen a swarth of quality Serbian midfielders enter the game in recent years, and Nemanja Maksimovic is no different.

His array of stats and low valuation make him an appealing prospect for any team, with the Getafe dominator easily able to step into your side and take you to the next level.

Mads Bidstrup

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Age: 20

Club: Brentford

Value: £8 - 13 million

Wage: £10,000 a week

Investing in the future is a huge part of cultivating success in Football Manager 2022, and Mads Bidstrup could be the perfect candidate to build your team around.

A high potential ceiling matched with a touch of class, this Danish dominator could become the heart of your team for many years to come.

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