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FM22 Mobile: Everything you need to know about this year's handheld version

You can pre-order FM22 Mobile now!

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SI has announced that the brand new handheld version is available for pre-order and pre-registration, and we've got you covered for everything you need to know about FM22's portable edition.



FM22's Beta has finally dropped for PC players, giving fans that pre-ordered the chance to play the game two weeks before its official launch.

Jump in NOW and get started on your brand new managerial adventure.

Pre-Order NOW

Football Manager has just announced that FM22 is now available to pre-order on the Apple App Store, and for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

By pre-ordering on iOS, Apple users will get to load the game from the moment it drops. For Android users, pre-registration means you will be notified as soon as the game releases.

HERE WE GO - FM22 Mobile is now available for pre-order
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HERE WE GO - FM22 Mobile is now available for pre-order

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order FM22 Mobile now and be the first to play when the game officially releases on November 9.


Apple App Store: ‎Football Manager 2022 Mobile on the App Store (apple.com)

Google Play Store: Football Manager 2022 Mobile Google Play Store

FM22 Mobile

Football Manager is once again returning to your mobiles, launching alongside the standard and Xbox version.

The pocket-sized managerial experience will once again be available for iOS and Android users.

FM22 Mobile Release Date

FM22 Mobile will be available to purchase from the Goole Play and App Store from Tuesday, 9 November.

What new features will FM22 Mobile include?

We expect FM22 Mobile to introduce many of the new data-driven features that are included in FM22's standard version.

FM22 Mobile will feature a new skin, as well as improvements made to the game's 2D match engine.


FM22 Mobile allows you to have the world's best players in your pocket, with tactical innovations and a fast-paced match experience retaining your immersion.


FM Mobile also boasts an impressive 24 playable nations, giving you the choice of domestic or world domination.

You have will the choice to put your feet up on a matchday and watch the gameplay, or simply simulate through in the hope of grabbing those all-important three points.

FM22 Mobile promises to build upon its predecessors, with full details of new features set to be released soon.

What are the differences between FM Mobile and FM Touch?

FM22 Mobile is an action-packed football simulation that fits neatly in your pocket, but FM22 Touch will represent a more streamlined approach.

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AT YOUR FINGER TIPS - FM22 Mobile may not have all the features but does let you play on the move

Available on the Nintendo Switch, FM22 Touch will feature a 3D match engine, as well as many other features that will be included in the game's standard release.

However, it is billed as a speedier simulation, with FM22 Mobile standing alone as the best pocket-sized managerial simulation on the market.


FM22 Mobile Price & Pre-Order

Currently, there is no official price for FM22 Mobile, but we expect it to remain close to FM21's price of £8.99.

There is also no set date for pre-orders, but SI has confirmed that pre-downloads will be available from the Google Play and App Store from mid-October.

Rest assured, the addictive managerial rollercoaster is coming to your mobiles very, very soon.