Football Manager 2020: Wonderkid Eduardo Camavinga is a must-buy for any big club

Managing a big club in Football Manager 2020 comes with massive expectations. One slip down to 3rd, even if it's by goal difference, could see you sacked.

As a result, you have to make sure that the best players are on the pitch in your shirt and not the oppositions. Which means a handful of players become instant must-buys for you if you take over Barcelona, Bayern Munich, or Manchester City.

While the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane may be impossible to sign regardless of who you are, there is one player that every team needs and can be a dominant force for more than a decade.

Eduardo Camavinga.

Wonderkid midfielder

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The midfield can often be a tricky spot to fill. Depending on which tactics you use and what roles you set, a quality player like Christian Eriksen or Kai Havertz can struggle to make much of an impact.

It has always been tough to get production from the midfield, with your highest-rated players usually coming from the full-back and winger positions.

Camavinga has no such problems. While he is just 16 when you start a career in FM20, his range of abilities and pure talent quickly makes him a first-team regular for even a strong squad.

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The French youngster starts with a massive potential ability range of 150-180, meaning even if you delegate his development to your worst staff members he is going to progress into a quality player.

In June 2019 he is solid, even at 16. With 13 passing, 14 tackling, and 13 vision he has some skill. But once he matures...

Tactical flexibility

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PRODIGY: Camavinga can do whatever you ask

After a few seasons Camavinga becomes a dominant player. You can bump key menta stats like vision and work rate up. His passing, tackling, and first touch can all improve, as will his pace and strength.

But the most important part of Camavinga's game is his tactical flexibility. able to play as a natural Deep Lying Playmaker and a very good Mezzala makes him perfect for Tiki-Taka (normal or vertical) while he is also comfortable as a box-to-box midfielder, a role nearly every tactic has.

Buying Camavinga

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QUALITY: His form will leave you in awe

Understandably, Rennes are reluctant to see their wonderkid go, and you will have to pay considerably to get him.

Including add-ons he cost my Arsenal side £95 million, but as he ticks the boxes of buying young players and performing well above expectations it is an easy decision to make.

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You can use the usual tricks of paying in instalments and using the 40-game clause to reduce the impact on your transfer budget, while his contract demands (~£130k/w) are easily affordable for a team in the Champions League hunt.

It is wise to scout him early and follow any news about him. You can leave him at Rennes for the first season to mature a little as it will be tough to afford his fee right away. Once you get into your second season though, you should start making moves to get him.

If Rennes are hesitant to negotiate then publicly declaring him as a target usually does the trick. Especially if you are a global giant like Real Madrid or Man United.

Letting him go to a domestic rival is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on FM20 as his quality in the midfield will quickly overwhelm any opposition.

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Football Manager 2020 has been a huge success for Sports Interactive.

The reviews have been extremely positive for the new game. New features have been introduced to add realism and depth to a game that was already the most immersive sports game on the market.

But this Football Manager, in particular, is not designed for you to jump into the hot seat at Barcelona or Manchester City. You can, and you’ll still enjoy your time raking in the trophies, but FM20 has been tailor-made for the smaller teams.

It is at it’s best when you are scrapping away in the lower leagues and trying to claw your way up.

Read more about why that is here.

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