Football Manager 2021 Touch: Release Date, Platforms & more

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Football Manager 21 Touch has been revealed, and we've gotten some huge new details about the upcoming game!

Here's everything we know so far.

FM 21 Touch

Football Manager 21 Touch will take the FM franchise to new platforms, and isn't far out!

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Let's go over the details.

Release Date

Football Manager 21 Touch will release on Tuesday,1 December for most platforms.

FM21 shouts
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SHOUT IT OUT: FM 21 brings new shouts to direct your team on the pitch

With FM 21 arriving one week earlier on 24 November, we are just weeks out from both!


FM 21 Touch will land on a variety of platforms.

You can play the game on Ipad, Android tablets, and your trusty old PC/Mac.

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While the game will also release on Nintendo Switch, the release date for this version has not yet been revealed. The good news is we've been assured it will be available before the end of the year.


Football Manager 21 Touch will continue the series' theme of being a faster version of the traditional FM gameplay.

FM21 tactics
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CHESS: Everyone's favorite part of Football Manager gameplay is the tactics

This means we'll be getting many of the new updates coming to FM 21 this year in FM 21 Touch, just in a more simplified way.

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So you can expect the new gesture system, new press conferences, new team talks and more to carry over in some capacity.

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