*UPDATED* FM21 Xbox: Release Date, Console Performance, Graphics, Features & more on Xbox One & Series X|S

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The Football Manager 2021 is already live, and we now have a deep dive on the Xbox version of the game.

Latest News - Console Performance

Sports Interactive has indicated the contrasting performances across the different Xbox consoles.

FM 21 console performance
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FEEL THE POWER - The different consoles have varied capabilities

The normal Xbox One can only hadnle 5 selectable nations, and cannot support 4K or HDR graphics.

At the other end of the psecturm is the brand new Xbox Series X which can support 10 nations, and has native 4K support.

FM21 Xbox release date

While the game will launch on PC & Mac on Tuesday, 24 November, with the Xbox version arrive on Tuesday, 1 December.


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Xbox Features

The FM21 Xbox Edition will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft's Play Anywhere technology allows you to transfer your progress between your console and your Windows PC through Xbox Live.

Improved Power

Using the all-new Xbox Series X|S can allow you to select up to 10 (5 on Xbox One) of the world's biggest footballing nations as you commence your save.

A "clean and crisp" match UI gives you an uninterrupted view of the matchday drama in 4K on Series X and upscaled 4K on Series S and Xbox One X|S.

FM21 shouts
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SHOUT IT OUT - The overhauled shouts system arrives on console

Xbox Series X|S players can view highlights from league opponents giving you and your scouting team the inside scoop on the opposition.

You’ll also receive more detailed and valuable stats such as shot maps and Expected Goals (xG) reports – these will show where improvements are needed for your next fixture. 

Enhanched UI

Fully optimised for use with the Xbox Controller on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, you can put yourself on the path to footballing greatness with a UI that has been tailored for Xbox consoles and makes navigating through the game world a breeze.

Matchday Experience

A fresh display and enhanced graphics allow you to see more of the action.

FM21 team sheet
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NEW UI? - We're intrigued to see the FM21 layout on console

You’ll also be able to communicate with your players during matches and let them know exactly how you feel, by using Shouts, all the while receiving information from your Assistant.


Gather insight that will drive you to the top of the game from a wealth of match stats to pre-and post-match analysis and monthly data summaries.

Time to party

When your hard work pays off, revel in your glory with spectacular trophy celebrations and post-match hype that will applaud your achievements as you cement your legacy.

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