Football Manager 2022: Easy way to sell unwanted players

There's nothing worse than starting a brand new save in Football Manager 2022 and being burdened with a number of players that you simply don't want.

One of the main points of frustration for Football Manager 2022 fans is the difficulty found when navigating the transfer market.

Not only are clubs super stubborn in their reluctance to sell, but shipping out fringe players can also be a tough ask.

We're going to take a look at a few simple tips that will help you clear the decks and fill out that transfer kitty in Football Manager 2022.

Swap Deals

One way that we've found effective when looking to clear the decks is offering players as a part exchange deal.

Provided the club you're negotiating with has the capability to match/exceed the wage demands of the player you wish to sell, including them as part of a part-exchange deal could be a clever way of getting them off the books.

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PLEASE THE BOSSES - Trimming the squad could help you stay in the board's good books

If you're a top-flight club looking to buy from the league below, a fringe player could be of real interest to the latter.

As we've mentioned, you can hit stumbling blocks when it comes to your player being unable to agree terms with the negotiating club, however, we believe swap deals can be an effective method when looking to clear the decks.

Helping Hand

One of the most effective ways we've found in Football Manager 2022 is offering a wage contribution to the club hoping to buy your fringe player.

Often, clubs are reluctant to make an approach due to a players' wage, but this small detail means that you can wipe away those fears and make your player a more attractive prospect.

Whether that's contributing 5, 10, or even 25% of the player's wages, this is a proven and effective way of being able to move players on in FM22.

If you've got the cash, we'd highly recommend trying this tactic in Football Manager 2022.

Loan to Buy

A method used by many clubs in the real world is also a handy tactic that you can deploy in the virtual one.

Loan to buy deals are rife in Football Manager 2022, and we'd highly recommend going down this avenue when attempting to clear the decks of those fringe players.

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REALTIONSHIPS MATTTER - Keeping your squad happy will lead to greater success in FM22

Whilst clubs aren't guaranteed to take up the option, bumping down the price - relative to wage contribution - could be a great way to give the buying club a chance to try before they purchase; you just have to keep your fingers crossed that your player can show up when it matters.

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