Football Manager 2022: HILARIOUS Milestone Reached by players

The Football Manager 2022 Winter Update arrived a few weeks ago, bringing with it a host of changes from transfers, bugs fixes and rating changes.

However, the winter update seemingly couldn't save some Football Manager 2022 players from facing the dreaded sack, with the Football Manager social media team taking to Twitter to announce a hilarious milestone reached by FM players.

Mass Sacking

The Football Manager 2022 team recently took to Twitter to announce a hilarious milestone reached by players.

The Tweet confirmed that 100,000 FM players have now been sacked in Football Manager 2022, confirming that we're all just as clueless as each other.

With Football Manager 2022 amassing a huge number of players, this statistic is one of many that will indicate that the love for the franchise is still very much intact, despite how tactically inept we may all be.

How to Avoid The Sack in FM22

Judging by the evidence, it's easier said than done for Football Manager 2022 players to avoid the sack, but we've got some handy tips that may just keep your head above water.

Win, Win, Win

We'll start with the obvious, and that's simply winning football matches.

Regardless of all other components, you won't be losing your job if your side is happy and firing at the right end of the division in Football Manager 2022.

You'll receive extra brownie points for beating local rivals or higher reputations teams, so make sure your side is suitably prepared for every fixture in order to please the board.

Hit The Brief

Another simple way of pleasing your board is meeting the targets set out in the club vision.

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ON TARGET - Keeping to the your club's vision will keep your manager rating high

Similarly, showing clear progress in terms of league position or tactical style will also please your board, with every element of your managerial performance scrutinised to a tee.

Shop Smart

You'll need to make sure you're not overspending on new signings, otherwise, eyebrows could be raised.

Similarly, selling players way below their value, or allowing players to leave on loan without a sizeable contribution being made towards their wages is a sure-fire way to see your rating drop and questions starting to be asked.

It's not always easy keeping your superiors happy, but by following these simple steps you could certainly buy yourself some extra time.

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