Football Manager 2022: Promises MUST be reworked

The Football Manager 2022 Winter Update recently arrived, bringing with it a host of changes across the board.

With the Final Content Update delayed following events in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, we want to take a look at a frustrating feature that desperately needs fixing.

Promises, Promises

We've all made promises we can't keep, whether that's in Football Manager 2022, or the broader reaches of life.

Breaking a promise is usually followed by frustration and anger, but Football Manager 2022 fans will be accustomed to broken promises usually being followed by a transfer request.

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Many players have voiced their concern that the promise system is becoming tiresome.

With bizzare claims breaking the rhythm of saves, we ponder whether their inclusion in the management simulation is necessary at all.

What are Promises in FM22?

The promise system in Football Manager 2022 allows clubs to negotiate outside the basic metric of money.

Whether it's making assurances about position, wage increases, or even signing a friend, the promise system can be useful when attempting to lure a star to your club.

However, as has been pointed out by many FM22 players, the promise system is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, with players becoming upset even if certain expectations are met.

No More Moaning

For example, if you were to sign a player from Manchester City, you could lure them by saying you'll strengthen your team's defence.

What the promise doesn't specify is that the new defender needs to effectively increase the team's overall rating, oppose to simply bolstering the ranks.

This needs to change.

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Having a promise system is beneficial in many cases, but we believe that certain expectations within those promises need to be altered.

Football Manager has always been a series that prides itself on realism, but this system appears to have fallen out of touch with reality.


Thanks to the Football Manager 2022 community, there are some ways in which you can maintain your squad's trust and keep people happy.

There is the obvious - keep the promise. If you're telling a player you can sign a shiny new striker, ensure there's enough in your budget to make it happen.

Also, If a new signing asks for a friend to join with them, it may be worth asking them for a signing recommendation.

Finally, you can use the in-game editor to assist you. By checking the player's personal relations, you will be provided with an in-depth look at close friends and allies, meaning you could end up swooping in for their best friend after all.

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