Football Manager 2022: What is Versus Mode?

Football Manager 2022's Winter Update is here, with brand new attribute changes, bug fixes and a whole host of January transfers being added into the game.

SI has also announced that Versus mode is back, giving fans the opportunity to face off against their mates to claim management supremacy.

FM22 Winter Update LIVE

Football Manager 2022's Winter Update brings a host of new changes to the game, with real-life January transfers being the biggest new addition.

With many teams making major improvements to their side, there's a whole new flavour to FM22 that will breathe new life into your saves.

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NEW STARS - Youssoufa Moukoko arrived in FM21's Winter Update

Of course, you will have to start a brand new save for these changes to come into effect, but we've already got you covered for some of the best teams you should be using following FM22's Winter Update

Versus Mode Returns

Alongside the brand new transfer and attribute tweaks that have been made across the board, SI has also announced the return of Versus mode, a multiplayer mode that allows you to put your masterfully assembled squads to the test against the AI or your mates.

Versus Mode allows you to export a team from any given save on Football Manager 2022 and challenge your mates head-to-head.

What is Versus Mode?

Versus mode is one of Football Manager 2022's multiplayer modes that allows you to export a team from your current single-player career, or alternatively, you can select an existing squad.

Versus mode allows you to test fresh tactics against the AI, learning new things about your team along the way.

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BATTLE OF MINDS - Take on your mates in FM22 using Versus Mode

If learning isn't your thing, FM22's Versus Mode also allows you to claim bragging rights over your mates, beating their teams in head-to-head battles as you seek Football Manager supremacy.

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