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FM22 Xbox: Only two weeks until the console version's full release

Football Manager Xbox is just over three weeks away, meaning it's not long to wait until the best players arrive on your console.

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Check below for everything you need to know about this year's console version.

LATEST - Play the Beta NOW


FM22's Beta has finally dropped for PC players, giving fans that pre-ordered the chance to play the game two weeks before its official launch.

Jump in NOW and get started on your brand new managerial adventure.

FM22 Xbox launching with Game Pass

We finally have some more details regarding FM22 Xbox, with SI taking an in-depth look at what will be coming to this year's console version.

SI has confirmed that FM22 Xbox will be modelled on FM Touch, providing a streamlined version of the game that will be specifically tailored for console usage.

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GAME PASS - FM22 Xbox will launch on day one with Xbox Game Pass

With Microsoft's Play Anywhere software, FM22 players will be able to transfer their Xbox data to any PC using the same Xbox live profile, meaning FM Touch will live on - in some form - on PC.


FM22 Xbox is confirmed to release on Tuesday, 9 November.

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FM22 Xbox Edition

A version for Microsoft's console will once again be available after a return to Xbox with FM21.

FM22 Xbox will be playable with both Xbox Game Pass for PC and Game Pass for Console.

FM22 Xbox Edition release date

Both FM22 and FM22 Xbox Edition will be available with Xbox Game Pass from Day One when both titles launch on November 9.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows you to play more than 100 high-quality games for a small monthly fee.


FM22 Xbox Price & Pre-order

The game is available to pre-order on PC already, with Football Manager 2022 costs £39.50 / $49.50 on Steam and Epic Games.

We expect the Xbox edition to be the same price as the PC version for those who do not have Xbox Game Pass.

Will FM22 on Xbox have improved graphics?

We expect plenty of improvements to the match engine from last year's FM21 Xbox edition, while there will of course be a new skin and plenty of new features added to this year's version.

DATA HUB: FM22 will feature use of a new data hub to aid recruitment
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DATA HUB: FM22 will feature use of a new data hub to aid recruitment

FM21 Xbox Edition included 4K, with Native 4K running on the Series X. Native 4K was also supported on Windows 10 by those with a PC capable of running it.

Upscaled 4K featured on the Series S and the Xbox One X|S but HDR was not supported on the base Xbox One.


What new features will FM22 Xbox edition have?

Sports Interactive say that FM22 Xbox is a ‘tailored for console’ version that’s been crafted for peak performance with the Xbox controller.

For the first time, FM players using Game Pass Ultimate will be able to continue playing their game on any supported device through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Similar to the Touch series, you can navigate your way to football’s biggest prizes in FM22 Xbox with several speeded-up game mechanics.


Use tactical presets modelled on the world’s most popular playing styles, let your backroom team take over your recruitment as you identify wonderkids to build your team around.

On Matchdays, you can take in all the action or instead simulate your progress and speed through fixtures by using the ‘Instant Result’ option.

How can you play FM22 Xbox edition on other consoles?

Using Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology, FM22 Xbox allows you to transfer your progress between your Xbox console and any Windows 10 PC using the same Xbox Live profile.

And with Smart Delivery, Sports Interactive add that FM22 Xbox will work across all versions of the console, offering a version specific to yours that runs at peak performance.