Football Manager 2023 PS5 - Release date and everything we know

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Football Manager 2023 PS5

Football Manager 2023 was set to release on the PS5 for the very first time, but a lengthy delay has fans worried that the Sony edition may never come to fruition.

Check below for everything you need to know about Football Manager 2023 on PlayStation 5.



The highly-anticipated launch of Football Manager on PS5 has finally been announced, with the game set to arrive on Wednesday, 1 February.

Despite an original release date in early November, FM23's launch on PS5 was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Upon its release on the platform, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a 20% discount when purchasing the game.


Offer ends Tuesday, 14 February at 3pm GMT.

Read more about FM23 on PS5. from Spots Interactive either way and inform you as soon as possible.

NEW Console Features REVEALED

It looks like PS5 has joined the FM lineup at the right time, with some great new features introduced for the newly named FM23 Console edition of the game.


With the title now available on PS5 as well as Xbox, the Console version of the game will cater specifically to those gamers.

FM23 will make some changes to the Recruitment process and also introduce fresh terminology to the Tactical Instructions.

New features specifically coming to the Console version are:

  • Matchdays - They will have a more 'hands-on' feel, with new radical menus to better influence the match
  • Touchline Tablet - Has been remodelled to be the go-to place for match actions
  • Out of Possession Tactical Instructions - Changes introduced in FM23 are incorporated into the FM23 Console version
  • Team Talks - Added to a console edition for the first time and available at half-time and full-time
  • Recruitment Focuses - An evolution of the Assignments previously available, will make recruitment more accessible
  • Dynamic Manager Timeline - Track your progression as a manager with highlighted milestones and achievements

Take a more in-depth look at the FM23 Console new features here.