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Football Manager 24 is almost here with the Beta out in just a couple of weeks, fans cannot wait to have a first look at all the new features in FM 24!

Football Manager 2024 is all set for launch on 6 November, meaning we are just about one month away from the official launch of the game!

We will be taking a look into how fatigue works in FM 24 and how to combat it so your players are always fit and ready to play while also reducing the chance of injury.

Fatigue in FM24

Fatigue in Football Manager is something that you constantly have to be on top of to make sure your players get the rest that they need in order to play with full fitness. Fatigue is when a player is constantly playing matches and not having enough time to recover in between games, this leads to players being unfit for matches and giving them less energy in perform well in games. We have covered a full FM24 training guide so why not check that out!

In Football Manager 2024 there are a few things that you can do in order to make sure that your players get enough time in between games to fully recover in order for them to have full fitness every game.

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Editing your training schedule is a must, either for the full team or for individual players. Lowering your team's training intensity while adding more rest periods is a great way to give your players more rest time.

This will ensure that players who need a rest will get one in order to be fully fit for the next game. Make sure that this is only applied to players that need a rest and doesn't include players who haven't been playing.

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Setting players to fully rest when they are knackered is a must-do in order to maximise recovery for players that need it. This will also allow their risk of injury to decrease over time ensuring that your players are fit and ready to play.

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