Captain America is Back in the Fortnite Item Shop For July 4th Celebrations

As The United States of America begins celebrating its independence on the 4th of July, many U.S.-based brands are joining in with the festivities. One of these is Epic Games, Fortnite with many American-themed cosmetics.

The star of these celebrations, however, is the return of one of Fortnite and Marvel's many crossovers as the star-spangled man with a plan Captain America makes his return to the battle royale. Here are all the details.

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Fortnite Brings Back Captain America For 4th July

Captain America Fortnite Outfit
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When you enter the Fortnite Item Shop today during the 4th of July, featured right at the top will be the Captain America bundle for 2,000 V-bucks. This is one of the many crossovers between Marvel and Fortnite, with characters like Dr Strange and Spider-Man both making an appearance in the game for fans.

The Captain America package comes with three items that being the Steve Rogers outfit and the iconic shield as both a back blind and a pickaxe, allowing players to choose which of the two they prefer while playing.

There is also a Captain America-themed emote available in the Item Shop for 300 V-bucks but this is strangely not included in the bundle. Custome emotes like these have usually been included with past Fortnite crossovers like the previously mentioned Spider-Man and the Obi-Wan Kenobi outfit.

This selection of items is likely only available for one day before being vaulted once again. So, if you want to grow your Fortnite x Marvel collection, you better act quick or face a year-long wait for your next opportunity.

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