New Bows added during the Fortnite 16.20 update

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The latest Fortnite update is here, the 16.20 patch.

In it are the usual additions, such as new cosmetics, but two new Bows were also added.

Here is what we know.

Two New Bows Added In The 16.20 Update

The 16.20 update saw the addition of two new Bows to the game, the Grappler Bow, and the Splinter Bow.

It appears that the Grappler Bow will be mechanical, while the Splinter Bow will be primal.

The Grappler Bow's purpose is very self-explanatory, it allows players to use the effects of the Grappler gun, to traverse mountains and terrain very easily.

The Splinter Bow is more of a mystery, with no obvious special effect.

Here are the stats for each weapon.

Also in the 16.20 update are the first vehicle mods, as well as the usual additions such as new cosmetics and LTMs.

It has also been reported by HYPEX that Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to the game soon, which will be one of the first collaborations in Season 6.

While this update doesn't seem the craziest in terms of changes to the game, although new Bows and vehicle mods are pretty big changes, we should start seeing the bigger map changes soon as the Fortnite X Batman comic series starts being released later this week.


This will likely mean that we could see DC themed POIs, as well as the likely return of Batman's weapons that haven't been seen in the game since Chapter 1.

Players that purchase the first issue will receive a new Harley Quinn skin, while owners of all of the series will receive a new Batman outfit.

The Fortnite X Batman series will also uncover the truth about the loop and why the world of Fortnite acts how it does, it should be a very interesting read.

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