Fortnite and Dead by Daylight Could be Getting a Crossover

Collaborations have become a massive part of Fortnite's global appeal with major names like Star Wars, Marvel and Naruto all teaming up with Epic Games to add their popular IPs and Characters to Fortnite in the form of cosmetics.

More recently, Fortnite's expansion via collaboration has entered the world of video games, with titles like Pac-Man and Among Us being added to the game. The latest crossover, according to various Fortnite insiders, is actually Behaviour Interactive's popular horror title Dead by Daylight. Here is all the info we have so far.

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Fortnite and Dead By Daylight Crossover Found by Insiders

Details on the crossover were posted to Twitter by reliable Fortnite news source iFireMonkey, who shared some of the information he had been told about the potential crossover plans between the two games.

According to iFireMonkey, the crossover would see Dead by Daylight get a Llama Charm item while Fortnite would see the Character of Meg Thomas getting their own in-game skin.

Another suggestion indicated that some of the material for this crossover would be outsourced to Universal Pictures, which owns the rights to the Halloween movie franchise. Micheal Myres, the series' famed killer, is also a playable killer in Dead by Daylight, perhaps suggesting that The Shape could possibly be coming to Fortnite as well.

Key art for The Shape in Dead by Daylight, a killer potentially coming to Fortnite.
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So when can players expect to see this crossover between the two titles? Well, according to iFireMonkey, we might not see it at all. In their tweet thread on the potential crossover, it was mentioned that this proposition has been around since March of this year and no new information had surfaced in the months since, suggesting the idea could have been rejected entirely though that hasn't been confirmed by either party as of writing.

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