Fortnite Australian Open: When Is It, Prize Pool, Who's Going and Everything You Need to Know!

During 2019, Epic Games held two events overseas in regions where the game is one of the more popular ones.

With Fortnite opens in both Japan and Australian, these events were seen as a great success; a good way to get content creators to represent Fortnite and a good cause for charity as well.

Recently, the second iteration of the Fortnite Australian Open was announced, this will be the second time the event is hosted and we already know a lot of information about it!

Let's take you through everything we know about the Fortnite Australian Open!


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The largest gaming event down under is set to take place at Melbourne Park from February 1-2 2020.

This is just a few days after last year's tournament was hosted and we cannot wait!

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Prize Pool and Game Modes?

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Much like last year's version, there is only one competitive game mode set to be played at the Fortnite Australian Open.

Announced in their official blog post regarding the event, players from all around the world will be invited to compete in a $400,000 solos event.

During last year's event, Australian native X2Twins Jesse took home the grand prize of $100,000, it will be interesting to see who they invite this year for the solo portion of the event!

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Along with the solos event, there is also a Pro-Am style of tournament. Much like the Pro-Am's we have seen at other Epic Games events, these tournaments are solely for charity and it is a good way to connect modern-day stars to Fortnite stars.

The confirmed players participating in the Pro-Am so far are:













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How Can I Watch?

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Fans who are looking to attend can purchase tickets here, stated in their blog post, tickets start at $10 for kids and $54 for adults.

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