Fortnite Birthday Event 2020 LIVE: Free Cake, Cake Locations, Challenges Revealed, Rewards And Everything We Know

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Chapter 2 Season 4 is off to a flying start already, but today marks a very exciting milestone in the game's history as a whole.

It's been three years since Epic Games released their battle royal segment into Fortnite, and it looks like they're going to be celebrating its birthday in style!

The celebrations are now live, and we've got everything you need to know right here!

Birthday now LIVE

We've now received the announcement that the birthday event is now officially underway.

Fortnite’s Birthday Bash has in-game Challenges and rewards, a new prefab for Creative Mode, and an emote for merely logging in, named Party Favors!

Birthday announcement
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LIVE! The celebrations are now underway

There are some cosmetic changes around the Island, and The Battle Bus has a new look for the occassion.

There's also a present waiting for players when they drop in, plus some cake!

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We've also seen a recent post by FNLeaksAndInfo via ento - Fortnite leaks, which appears to show the locations of the cakes!

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You'll be able to take part in Birthday Challenges between September 26 and October 1. If you complete these you can unlock a Wrap, Spray, Emoji, and XP.

You'll also be able to grab the Cake! Back Bling for finishing all of the challenges.

There's even a new set of pre-fabs for creatives - the princess castle!

14BR BirthdayBash Prefabs A Social
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REGAL! Creatives are in for a treat


Like any Fortnite event, it would not be the same without leaks beforehand.

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Although there are no major leaks, some cosmetic items have been found within the files.

Check out below, courtesy of @FortniteFevers.

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We can assume these are apart of the Fortnite celebration event, as they are themed around some celebration.


Since there are some leaked cosmetic items, we can speculate we will have to complete some challenges.

iFireMonkey posted the following image of the challenges coming!

Bday 1
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