Fortnite Black Friday Deals: Outfit Bundle Sales, V-Bucks, & More Offers

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If you're looking for some deals and offers on Fortnite Bundles and Packs this Black Friday, you've come to the right place. Fortnite itself might be free - and there isn't anything out there that would help you get V-Bucks for less, unfortunately - but there are still great deals on some of the more exclusive content packs that you can buy. Here's the latest...

BLACK FRIDAY - Best Outfit Bundle Deals

It looks like Fortnite's in-game store is having its own sale - and you can check out the announcement regarding Nick Fury below - but there are sales on both Amazon and the PS Store to check out too.

Here are the Fortnite-related deals regarding them...


It's worth noting that Fortnite has cross-progression and you can access content through your Epic Games account. So... If you buy a bundle on console and link your accounts, you should be able to access the same content on another platform.

Cyber Monday is right around the corner so be sure to keep an eye on retailers for more discounts and deals regarding Fortnite.

When is Fortnite Black Friday?

Black Friday officially starts this Friday. That being said, some deals are available right now. If you're looking to purchase the latest pack and don't see it on sale just yet, wait another week for Cyber Monday.

We'll update you right here throughout the week with all the latest deals.


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