Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Trailer Released! NEW TEASER! NEW SKIN! NEW POI? DOWNTIME CONFIRMED! Motorcycles, All Teasers, Theories, Meowhealth? - Water, Flood, Aquaman, and More!

The Device Fortnite event was the most viewed live event in the history of gaming!

Epic Games once again pulled off some magic and were able to tease us before the next season.

Check Out The Full Trailer!

Downtime Confirmed - New Skin!

Downtime for the beginning of the new season is going to kick off at 2:00 am EST.

With the announcement of downtime also came with a teaser of the potential tier 100 skin.

This robotic Owl is mysterious as of now, but we will for sure know more tomorrow morning!

Owl 1
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SPY - It appears to be taking pictures!

Latest theories - Meowhealth?

A recent theory shared online gives more clues as to the role the cute feline could play in Season 3.

Now, this is just a theory, so take it with a pinch of salt as we'll still have to wait for confirmation.

Some believe that the small cat will act like Bud the Mushroom, which if you haven't encountered the friendly guy, was a character who would walk behind you, healing you for a cool price of 100 wood (and a dance!)

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Some people think that this could be baby Meowscles - but again, just theories at the moment people! We're not far off getting the answers to all our bring questions, so stay tuned!


There was an original teaser that was posted this morning, but now, it appears that the pieces of the puzzle are coming together - literally with the below image from Twitter.

Annotation 2020 06 16 182702
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MEOW! That's a fine-looking POI!

This also confirms a brand new POI coming, looks to be some sort of water park!

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JUNK? - Could this be a junk junction 2.0?

New Pet Meowscles!

The second image as a part of the Motorcycle set showcased an adorable cat on top of the motorcycle.

We can assume this is going to be one of the battle pass backblings!

New Pet Meow
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ROCK ON - Isn't this adorable?


The latest teaser was posted a few hours after the POI one, this time around we can assume it is a new vehicle coming to Fortnite.

Fans have noted it appears to be a Motorcycle!

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VROM - Hopefully this is a new mobility option!

*UPDATE* Another Teaser!

Fortnite have just tweeted this image of another teaser!

fortnite season 3 teaser
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A BOAT? - Could this be the return of a long lost location?

The image appears to feature some sort of boat in another possible POI!

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It looks like some sort of junkyard, possibly hinting at the return and revamp of Junk Junction from the Chapter 1 map!

The fourth Teaser Leaked!

Fortnite data miner @iFireMonkey posted the fourth teaser ahead of the new season before Fortnite tweeted it out.

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DAD? Could this be Jonsey's Dad?

It appears the previous teaser of what we thought was a moon, appears to be an object held by an Astronaut.

Perhaps this has some correlation between the images we saw on the inside of Jonesy's office.

Moon Rock TEASER

Later in the night, Fortnite tweeted out the following image.

Moon 1
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THE MOON? - Where will we be going in the new Season?

Yet again, it seems to be impossible to figure out what this image is.

In a tweet posted by Epic Games, they have posted a rather cryptic image in the lead up to the new season.

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Of course, with this being a Fortnite teaser it is hard to say exactly what this image means.

We can spot some. sort water bed behind it, with an unknown yellow object at the forefront of it.

Check it out for yourself below!

Teaser 1
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CRYPTIC - What could this mean?

What Could It Mean?

It is hard to say what route Epic Games meant to take with this teaser, it appears to be zoomed in on some sort of camera.

Perhaps this is some new sort of mobility device that we will see when the season releases.

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Renown Fortnite data miner @FortTory posted what they believe could be the image we are looking at.

Pointing to the trident of Posideon or Aquaman, which the latter has been a rumoured skin for next season.

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INCREDIBLE - Could DC Comics bring us another skin?

Whether or not this is true is still up in the air, but it is the best theory we have seen thus far!

Tik Tok Ad Confirms Sharks

As spotted by Fortnite data miner @iFireMonkey, Fortnite has placed. an ad on Tik Tok ahead of the new season.

The ad itself features an underwater point of view, with sharks swimming above!

Check it out below.

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Second Teaser Revealed

Not long after the first teaser was posted, Epic sent out an email to all Fortnite creators.

This image was vital as it confirmed the above Trident theory! Check it out.

Trident 1
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SWIMMING - This all but confirms Aquaman!

This pretty much confirms everyone's speculation of an Aquaman skin coming with the Season 3 Battle Pass!

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This will probably work in a similar way to the Deadpool skin we saw this season.

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