Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Logo Revealed! Flooded Map? Leaks, Rumors and More!

The current season has been slowly but surely coming to an end, after the additional one month delay back at the beginning of April.

Now, we are getting into the exciting times of any Fortnite season; especially with the event this coming weekend.

In light of the delay, it appears Sony was not ready for it. As they have leaked the logo for next season.

Check it out below!


The Chapter 2 Season 3 logo was leaked on the Playstation store this morning and was noted by Fortnite data miners.

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Originally posted by FortTory; we can get a subtle look at what the theme is going to be next season.

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SURFS UP - Can you spot the island in the back?


With the iconic battle bus and Fortnite text present, there are also some key images throughout that point towards a water-themed season.

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The palm tree island in the back is one of the first images that fans noticed.

As well, the whole surface of the image appears to be covered in water. Which is a lot more than we currently have on the map.

Agency Doomsday
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BOOM - What's going to happen during the event?

We are quite aware of the on-going rumors regarding the possibility of a flooded map next season.

This appears to reinforce this idea, but again, we will have to wait until June 11!

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