Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 New Leaked Details - Flare Gun, Flooded Map and More!

Now, we are getting into the exciting times of any Fortnite season; especially with the event this coming weekend.

However, after the leaked logo for next season was revealed by Sony; some data miners have uncovered some details regarding the new season.

From new weapons to the future of the map, we have all the information you could need!

Let's dive in.

Flare Gun

Originally tweeted by StonewallTabor and further reported by FNBRHQ. It appears a trailer that was shown in Season 9 has some vital evidence ahead of Season 3.

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The short movie made by Fortnite during Season 9 displayed Jonsey on some sort of deserted island.

This has now been linked to the island in the leaked logo we saw this morning; but there's more.

Flare Gun
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BOOM - How will this weapon play out?

According go StonewallTabor; the trailer shown last year is actually showcasing one of the new weapons for Season 3.

Noting that the Flare Gun is going to be one of the brand new weapons for Season 3; along with some details about the map.

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Water Levels Decreasing

Also noted by FNBRHQ, with the map all but confirmed to be flooding next season; it appears it will not last forever.

Mentioning that the water levels of the map are going to decrease over the course of the season, and will unveil two brand new POIs!

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WICKED - What POIs are you hoping to return?

The Rig

The Rig is currently one of the Mythic POIs located at the bottom left-hand side of the map.

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Twitter user Merl has noted that The Rig is going to be flooded and turn into some sort of Oil Islands POI.

Oil Rig
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SLICK - Will it be hard to move around on these islands?

How and what the POI looks like is still up in the air.

But with just under a week to go until the new season, it appears leaks are starting to roll in!

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