Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Cars: Release Date, JoyRide, Update, Theme, Battle Pass & More!

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We expect Chapter 2 Season 4 to come towards the end of the month, but even more exciting things are on their way.

It looks like cars are making their way to Fortnite, and sooner than many might realize.

Cars in Season 4

Cars have released in Season 3 Fortnite.

This brings a new level of fun to Fortnite, once again making the game feel fun and fresh!

We can't wait to see how Epic changes Cars in Season 4, possibly with new models and types of Cars.

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With all the recent Marvel teasers, it'll be interesting to see how the cars function in the new Season.


Car Emojis and stickers

We've got our first look at some possible Season 4 battle pass content!

fortnite season 14 leaked emojis
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STICKERS - These are likely a part of the Season 4 Battle Pass!

This image was leaked by twitter user @iFireMonkey this morning.

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These stickers/emojis gives us a good idea as to what the Season 4 theme may be.

Radio Stations

Along with the addition of cars in this update, Epic has confirmed they will be adding radio stations.

This was confirmed in the patch notes sent out to Epic creators; such as iFireMonkey.

JoyRide Update

The JoyRide Update has officially been announced for Fortnite, and it comes 5 August!

Fortnite JoyRide Update
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IT'S HERE!: The JoyRide Update will likely introduce cars to Fortnite

We expect it will finally introduce cars to the game, and we couldn't be more excited!

You can go over the stats for the upcoming cars here:

Be prepared, patch day will be absolute vehicular mayhem.


Cars have been one of the most eagerly anticipated new features heading to Fortnite in recent months, but fans face an uncertain wait over the release date. 

Doomsday Countdown 1
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TICK TOCK: How long will we have to wait?

Initially, players thought cars would launch on 21 July along with an update.

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However, when this date had come and gone, Epic Games confirmed that the feature had been delayed.

On the day Fortnite cars had been expected to launch, the battle royale's official Twitter posted:

"Fender bender? #NoSweat."

"Run out of gas? That's not covered."

"Our lawyers are currently sweating the policy details and fixing typos like 'otter coverage' instead of auto coverage."

"Due to this, many vehicles got taken for inspection."

"Expect a few weeks until we're road ready."

There is a chance Cars won't release until Season 4, but we'll have to wait and see what Epic have planned for the rest of Season 3!


Mudflap is the name of the truck vehicle coming to Fortnite tomorrow!

fortnite mudflap new vehicle
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MUDFLAP - Which car are you most excited to drive?

In the image above, you can see the art work Epic posted on the Fortnite twitter page this morning.

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We can't wait to finally drive cars in Fortnite!

Chapter 2 Season 4

As soon as Chapter 2 Season 3 releases, keep your eyes peeled on social media. More specifically the clever Fortnite data miners.

St Pats
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SUMMERTIME – Season 4 is going to be a Summer season!

They will certainly be able to find the end date of the current season as they have done for every season in the past!

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However, going off of Epic’s model of a new season every two months or so.

We can expect Chapter 2 Season 4 to start around August 27-28, if there are no delays.


Though it is hard to speculate the future theme for Fortnite’s next season, let’s take a look at all past season’s themes.

  • Season 1 – Theme = NONE
  • Season 2 – Theme = Medieval
  • Season 3 – Theme = Space
  • Season 4 – Theme = Super Heroes
  • Season 5 – Theme = Worlds Collide
  • Season 6 – Theme = Halloween
  • Season 7 – Theme = Winter
  • Season 8 – Theme = Pirates
  • Season 9 – Theme = Future
  • Season X – Theme = Time
  • CH2S1 – Theme = Doppelgangers
  • CH2S2 – Theme = The Agency
  • CH2S3 – Theme = Aquatic

If Epic decide to release trucks and cars at the start of Season 4, we may see some sort of Automobile theme in the new season.

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What do you think will come next? Your guess is as good as ours!

Season 4 Delayed?

Fans are now concerend over the release date of Season 4.

Both Apple and Google have filed lawsuits against Epic after they changed the payment option/method on the respective App Stores.

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Epic has stated the lawsuits won't affect the release of the new season, but there's always a chance extraneous factors will.

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