Where To Find The Spray Cans In Fortnite Season 7

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As part of the Fortnite Season 7, Week 2 Epic questline, you're tasking with finding two spray cans across on the island. It turns out finding these cans can be quite tricky, so let us help you out with this guide.

Note, this is part of a longer story and is the third step in Abstrakt's questline. The two previous steps must be completed first.

Spray Can Location

There are ten total cans on the island spread across two locations. You can find the cans in either warehouses at Dirty Docks, or in garages at Pleasant Parks.

Fortnite season 7 spray cans
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The locations of the spray cans

As you can see, no specifics are given beyond how many are in each location. There are no map indicators when you land either. You just have to rummage around in garages or warehouses and hope you find one.

The good news is that other players cannot take spray cans away from you. You have to find two of the ten and they're all available as a instance meaning only you picking them up makes them disappear from the map.

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How To Pick Up The Spray Cans

The spray cans themselves are really hard to spot. Much harder than last weeks rubber ducks! A small blue can with a slight glow around their outline. From what I've seen they'll always been on the floor and not up high or on shelves.

fortnite season 7 pleasant parks spray can
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One of the cans from Pleasant Park

When you spot a can, approach and interact with it to claim it. Once you do, that specific can will disappear for you. Meaning you can't just load into another game and find the same can. You must find two different cans either in the same match, or across two separate matches.

fortnite season 7 spray can dirty docks
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A can in Dirty Docks

The cans in Dirty Docks are by far harder to spot, so if you want to grab two from Pleasant Park that's fine. We grabbed one from each location to give you a visual on what they cans look like and how they appear in game.

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