Fortnite Chapter 2: What is AND how to Obtain Secret Battle Pass Skin!

Fortnite has a long history of special and commemorative cosmetic items; from the Fortnite World Cup Fishstick skin to the special Halloween and Christmas skins.

Epic Games sure knows how to please fans when it comes to their in-game items.

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The secret battle pass skins are no exception to this as well, we have seen some of the best skins emerge from completing a certain amount of challenges or collecting a specific amount of battle stars during a season.

This season is the second season that Epic Games have opted to do weekly missions instead of challenges, making it a little easier for fans to get all their challenges done.

Well, thanks to our lovely Fortnite data miners we now know what the skin will look like ahead of collecting the last letter for this season's challenges.


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Famous Fortnite data miner @Lucas7Yoshi is one of the most respected and trusted leakers in the entire community.

From leaking numerous skins and weekly updates to having a helping hand in leaking some information before Chapter 2 was released.

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Tweeted out by Lucas after one of the recent Fortnite updates, it appears the below skin is this season's secret battle pass skin.

With a file name "Bane" and an in-game name of Sorna, this character is definitely here to crash the party.

How Do I Get It?

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In order to get this season's secret battle pass, skin players will need to collect all eight letters to the word "Fortnite".

Before you set out to collect each of these letters you will need too complete at least eight missions from each of the weekly missions.

The letters for each week will then be hidden somewhere in the loading screen you unlock for each week. Happy Hunting!

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