Counting down to the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

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Since there wasn't an event to end Season 6 or begin Season 7, there's been somewhat of a void in content since the last update.

Thankfully, following some in-game teases, Epic Games has confirmed that an event of some kind is set for this week, and it's called the Cosmic Summer event.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

Originally teased via some posters around the new beach area, it has been confirmed that Fortnite's Cosmic Summer Event will begin on June 22.

What exactly it will entail, we're not sure yet, but Epic Games has said the following: "The festivities include new quests, new rewards, and a whole lot of fun with your friends!"

They have also confirmed that it will last for two weeks, so it's not a live event in the same way as those that end or begin seasons.

Cosmic Summer Event Start Time

Epic Games has confirmed that the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event will begin at 9am ET/2pm BST on June 22.

You'll need to head to Believer Beach for two weeks worth of action.

fortnite cosmic summer
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As we said, it will involve new quests, rewards, and a lot more, although what exactly they'll be is yet to be revealed.

We'll add in all of the quests and rewards in here once they're revealed.

17.10 Update


The Cosmic Summer Event will arrive after the 17.10 update does in Fortnite. The 17.10 update should arrived at about 4am ET/9am BST on June 22.

Again, what that update will include, we don't know, but it will likely feature some hints as to what we'll see from the event later in the day.

Data miners and leakers also often figure out everything that's to arrive over the next few weeks as soon as an update releases, so we wouldn't be shocked if Cosmic Summer details arrive a few hours before the event begins.

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