Fortnite Desdemona Skin: Release Date, Price & Bundle

a promo image for the desdemona skin in Fortnite

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With Fortnitmares just around the corner, the spooky skins are starting to show up in Fortnite and Desdemona is quite the devilish addition.

During a time when Fortnite is receiving criticism for its weighted releases of licensed skins as opposed to more original concepts, the release of Desdemona is sure to keep everyone happy!

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Desdemona Skin Release Date

The Desdemona skin is available in Fortnite right now! It was added to the shop during the daily refresh on Wednesday, 12 October.

You can jump into the game right now and grab either just the skin or the entire bundle!

Desdemona Skin Price & Bundle

If you just want to buy the Desdemona skin by itself, that will cost you 1,200 V-Bucks. As usual, it always works out better value to buy the entire bundle outright.
The Desdemona Bundle will cost 1,800 V-Bucks and includes the base skin, Oculara Back Bling, Furia Harvesting Tool, Starbright Wrap, and Underworld Ink Loading Screen.

the fortnite desdemona bundle as seen in the fortnite item store
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Purchasing the Desdemona bundle as opposed to the individual items will save you 700 V-Bucks overall

When will it leave the store?

It's always hard to tell exactly when a skin will leave to Fortnite Item Store. As Desdemona is a features skin, it's expected to stick around for at least one week.

With Fortnitemares due to begin on Tuesday, 18 October, there is every possibility that it may stay in the store until the event is over. This could give you up to one month to get your hands on the bundle.

a snapshot of the various single items and bundle in the fortnite item store for desdemona
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As ever, it's best not to leave anything to chance and just snap the Desdemona skin up as soon as possible if you have any interest in it.

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