Fortnite: Drift skin teased as February Fortnite Crew nears release

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It looks as though we know what February's monthly skin is going to be,

Fortnite has posted some cryptic hints over on Twitter which points towards the return of a classic skin from the games OG days.

Drift to Return

It's been touted on social media over the last few days, but now it looks all but confirmed that the Drift skin will be heading the Fortnite Crew next month.

Fortnite Twitter Drift Tweets
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CRYPTIC: Fortnite began tweeting some cryptic messages before deleting them.

The skin made it's Fortnite debut back in Season 5, and now it's set to return bigger and better than ever before!

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Fortnite Profile Picture

There's also been a change to Fortnite's profile picture on their official Twitter account.

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As you can see in the above image, a profile picture which somewhat resembles a fox has been brought in to replace the standard Fortnite logo.

What exactly could this mean? Could it be the voice behind the incoming Fortnite messages? Only time will tell!

The Fox Clan

The Fox Clan consists of Drift and Catalyst, who were both part of the Chapter 1 Season 5 and Season X Battle Passes.

Catalyst never really played any part in the story, but Drift was seen in a lot of promotional material and is the boyfriend of Brite Bomber.

Both Drift and Brite Bomber were restyled for the Summer of Fortnite in 2019, which saw the Summer Drift and Beach Bomber skins released.

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Since Chapter 2 began neither character has played a role in the Fortnite story, as it has largely been dominating by the Bosses and collaborations.

With the introduction of the new Crew Pack skin that is related to Drift and Catalyst, could Fox Clan have a greater role in the Fortnite story going forward? Or will Epic Games continue to focus their story around collaborations, such as Season 4's Marvel themed season and the addition of The Mandalorian and Predator in Chapter 2 Season 5?

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