The Ferrari 296 GTB is Now Live In Fortnite

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Following some leaks and teases, it has been confirmed that Ferrari is partnering with Epic Games to bring a driveable Ferrari car to Fortnite, and it's coming sooner than you think!

There were some leaks prior to the reveal, before the official Twitter account teased fans with a cheeky image of a prancing horse logo.

LATEST - Ferrari 296GTB Will Replace All Whiplash Vehicles

The brand new Ferarri 296GTB Vehicle in Fortnite will be dropping in the next few hours and is replaicng the existing Whiplash vehicle.

This change is expected to last until 6 October but could be changed at Epic's discretion.

A Ferrari Car Is Coming to Fortnite Tomorrow

Now, the official Ferrari Twitter account has revealed the full details. You can see their own tweet below.

They said: "The new #Ferrari296GTB has been designed to enhance Fun to Drive. And from tomorrow, it will also be Fun to Play on @FortniteGame. #Ferrari#Fortnite"

That means that just one Ferrari vehicle will be coming to the game for now, presumably to replace a different one.

Cars play a part in the Week 7 challenges in Fortnite, so you they might play a role there. If there are any changes to the list due to this addition, we'll let you know.

How to Get Ferrari Car in Game

Now, we don't know for sure yet, but the 296 GTB should work just like all other cars in Fortnite.


If you wander around the map, you should find cars just outside named locations, in garages, and parked alongside roads. The Ferrari should replace some of those cars.

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There has been some suggestions that the Ferrari will replace the Whiplash car, which is also a supercar, so it might spawn in the same locations.

While those locations are also random, we have found one quite reliably by the gas station in Believer Beach, so give that place a try if you're looking for one.

Once the car is out in-game, we'll be sure to confirm if there's a more reliable way to drive one around the map.