Fortnite: Fire Extinguisher Item Leaked

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Fortnite has seen a constant overhaul since its release in 2017, with new items and mechanics being added on a frequent basis.

Quite often we find out about these new additions before they are added to the game thanks to prominent leakers in the community


In Season 3 the Fire Flies item were added, allowing players to set buildings on fire.

To combat this, there has been a new Fire Extinguisher item added to the game.

Leaked Fire Extinguisher Item

Fortnite leaker HYPEX recently leaked new additions to the game following the 14.40 update.

fortnite hypex fire extinguisher leak
TOO HOT TO HANDLE: The Fire Extinguisher has been leaked as a counter to Fire Flies.

HYPEX did state that the item may be coming to Creative, rather than Battle Royale.

This would mean it could be used in this like Deathruns or other player made mini games.


Its also possibly we may see a Creative LTM where we have to extinguish fires in a competitive format.

But if it does come to Battle Royale it will be used to put out burning buildings.

Over time the fire does damage to builds, causing them to break.

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This would be extremely useful due to Doom's Mythic Items setting builds on fire.

As of right now it hasn't be added to the game, and may not for some time.


HYPEX also recently revealed that both Venom and Black Panther will be the next Marvel skins to come to the game.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is entirely Marvel themed, with eight Marvel characters in the Battle Pass.

Many iconic characters are included such as Iron Man, Groot, Thor, and Wolverine making an appearance.

As well as many characters from the Marvel universe being released in the Item Shop such as Blade and Daredevil.

Venom and Black Panther are also expected to be added to the Item Shop before the season ends on 30 November.

hypex venom fortnite leak
ALWAYS ARM DAY: Venom will be a bulky skin like Brutus in Season 2.

Epic Games added the more bulky style of cosmetics, like the Constructors in Save The World, around Season 2 with the addition of Brutus.

Since Brutus we haven't seen any new Constructor style skins come to the game.


Venom and Black Panther have been suspected for a while due to both having Mythic items in the game and challenges relating to them.

These will both be added to the Item Shop, and may be giving out for free in the Marvel Knockout Series tournament.

Daredevil was the reward for the first tournament and there is 3 more to go.

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