Fortnite Fracture Event - start time and how to play

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promo image for the Fortnite fracture event

We finally have another Fortnite event coming up THIS WEEKEND and it is set to be game-changing! Chapter 3 is about to come to an end after only four seasons and Chapter 4 will begin following the Fracture event.

When exactly is the Fracture event in Fortnite and how can you take part? Fear not as we have got all the info you could possibly need!


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LATEST - Fracture Trailer Revealed

We now have a short 19-second trailer for the Fracture event that will take place in Fortnite this weekend. We don't get a ton of info but we do see Paradise very slowly transform into what appears to be an all-out war against The Herald.


This has put our hype through the roof and we can't wait to see how it all comes together when the event goes live.

Long Event Expected?

Based on the latest hype posts from Fortnite for the Fracture event it appears that this interactive spectacle could last over 40 minutes!


Previous events haven't always allowed joining-in-progress but it's a nice feature for those with questionable connections or who have other commitments at the time.

Fortnite Fracture event start time

The Fracture event in Fortnite will begin on Saturday, 3 December at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET / 9 pm GMT / 10 pm CET. We don't expect that the event will kick off at this exact time for reasons we will explain when telling you how to take part!


Epic has done everything it can to make sure the Fracture event takes place at an acceptable time for all players. It will not be replayable and servers are expected to go down following the conclusion of the event.

How to join the Fortnite Fracture event

Epic makes it as simple as possible to join its live events. General matchmaking will be disabled around 30 minutes prior to the event start time. When this happens, there will only be one game mode or playlist eligible to join, the Fracture event.


You can head into the lobby up until the start time which is expected to be around 5 minutes later than advertised. This allows late-comers a chance to take part and prevents any congestion issues which could negatively affect your experience.

We expect that the Fracture event itself will take around anywhere up to 30 minutes to complete but usually they fall well under this timeframe. We expect there will be plenty of playable sections but also a ton of cutscenes to help drive the Fortnite story forward into Chapter 4.