Complete Ferrari Time Trials In Fortnite (Week 7 Epic Quests)

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A few of the Fortnite Week 7 Epic quests are built around the Ferrari vehicle and this is one of those quests. You are tasked with finding the Whiplash vehicle somewhere on the Fortnite map and then completing a Time Trial.

Here's where you can find a Ferrari Time Trial in Fortnite and how to complete it.

LATEST - The Ferrari 296 GTB Has Replaced All Whiplash Vehicles

After a surprise announcement yesterday, it's now confirmed that the Ferrari 296 GTB will replace all of the Whiplash vehicles in Fortnite until 6 October.

Fortnite Time Trial Locations

The Ferrari Time Trial can be found in Lazy Lake and it's located just outside the A Lot O' Auto building (handy).

Fortnite Whiplash Time Trial
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TIME TRIAL: The Time Trial icon can be seen in this image

Once you locate the icon, make sure you're in a vehicle and interact with it to begin. While the quest is called the Ferrari Time Trial, the event must be completed in this exact vehicle.

We now know the rules of the Time Trial, you must find a Ferrari to complete it due to it being the fastest basic car in the game. Once you have completed the Time Trial, you'll be rewarded with 30,000 XP.

While you're in the Ferrari vehicle, you can also complete two further challenges for an additional 60,000 XP. You are asked to drive a Ferrari vehicle in the storm and reach top speed in it also. Realistically, if you find a Ferrari in-game you could spend just a few minutes and earn 90,000 XP


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