Fortnite: How To Deal 1000 Damage After Knocking An Opponent Back With Storm's Whirlwind Blast

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The third patch of Season 4 is releasing soon and is filled with content for players.

Yet again Epic has gone ahead and implemented a new Mythic item into the mix and this time it is Storm.

Here's how to complete the weekly challenge with it!


For this challenge players are required to deal 1000 damage directly after using Storm's Whirlwind Blast.

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Do not be fooled with this challenge however, as you are not required to do damage with the Mythic Weapon.

Instead you will have to use the Mythic Weapon then deal damage with a weapon!

Whirlwind Blast

One of Storm's Mythic Weapons is her signature Whirlwind Blast, this propels enemies backwards with excessive force.

Players will love using this ability, as it will surprise your players for sure.


Although Storm is not directly on the map, this new Mythic Weapon is quite easy to find.

Players will need to shoot down some of the Stark Supply Drones, which are located at the Quinjet around the map.

Fortnite: Where to Find the Loading Screen Picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site
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NICE - Get ready to fire!

It may take some trial and error in order to get the Whirlwind Blast to drop, but you will get it eventually!

Best of luck.

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