How to Get Inside Mothership in Fortnite

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Following the release of Fortnite's 17.10 update, you can now get into the mothership that's hovering over the top of the Season 7 map.

Before now, you haven't been able to, with the mothership just sending out smaller UFOs to abduct players and attack them.

We've got a guide on how to get inside the mothership in Fortnite now that you're able to.

What's Inside the Mothership

While much of the inside of the mothership is what you'd expect, there's some interesting stuff there.

Below is the first look at part of the inside, as shown off by @ximton on Twitter.

Also, there are reports that old POIs from previous Fortnite maps have been abducted and can be found inside the mothership, although we haven't checked that out for ourselves yet.

How to Get Inside Mothership in Fortnite Season 7

As for getting inside the mothership to check it out for yourself, you need to do the following:

Start by playing any mode that isn't Competitive - so any of the standard battle royale modes will do. Then, the best thing to do is to just play as normal.

That's because the Mothership will now send out new types of UFOs called Abducters, and they'll take you away to the mothership.

Much like being abducted by aliens earlier in Season 7, and even at the end of Season 6, there's nothing you can do to be sure this will happen to you.

You'll just have to keep playing and keep your fingers crossed that you're the one picked to be taken away.


While you're there, there's a load of loot for you to collect, so make the most of it.

All that's left is for you to leave once more and carry on with the game, trying to get that Victory Royale.

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