Fortnite: How To Get The Wooly Warrior skin early

Fortnite's first-ever Winterfest is in full swing now, the holiday-themed event is a way for Epic Games to give back to the players after an epic year of Fortnite.

The event is essentially giving out free rewards to players for just logging into Fortnite, as every day until January 7 players are able to unwrap a present in the Winterfest lodge.

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Included in these presents are pickaxes, gliders, music packs, and even two free skins! Epic Games has never given out free skins before let alone two of them so it is amazing to see this.

One of the skins has already been made available to players. As all you needed to do was to unwrap the Christmas tree to the right of the cabin.

But, now we have a way to get the second free skin, a bit earlier than Epic Games has seemed to intend.

Wooly Warrior

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The final skin that you can unlock during Winterfest 2019 is the Wooly Warrior.

A skin based off the wooly mammoth animal from the Ice Age, the skin is seen as the better of the two Christmas skins as well.

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When taking a look at the Winterfest presents, you may have noticed the taller one on the left side of the lodge. If you are to try and open this present any other day it will say "Save until last".

Right away, players assumed this was one of the free skins, because why else would we save this one for last? However, there has been a sneaky way to unwrap this present early!

Left Side Only

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As discovered a couple of days ago, if you are one of the players who did not want to open any of the Star Wars rewards on the right side of the lodge until the end.

You will notice that you are completely done with the left side of the presents now, and if you go and try to open the tall present it will not let you!

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We don't know if this was Epic Games intent, but it seems if you only open the left side of the lodges presents, you are able to get the Wooly Warrior skin a lot earlier than others!

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