How to Reach Top Speed in a Ferarri in Fortnite

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Now that the 17.20 update has been released in Fortnite, we know all the details for the Week 7 challenges. That isn't all we leared though, as Ferrari dropped a bombshell announcement yesterday that will effect a few of this weeks quests.

One asks you to 'reach top speed in a Ferrari' so we're here with a guide that'll help you do exactly that.

LATEST - Whiplash Vehicles Replaced With Ferrari 296 GTB

The annoucement came yesterday that the Ferarri 296 GTB will be coming to Fortnite, better yet, it's going to replace the current Whiplash vehicle until 6 October.

It is not a paid upgrade but Ferrari content can be found in the item store.

Where to Find a Ferrari in Fortnite

First of all, you'll need to find a Ferrari to drive before you can reach top speed in it. Unfortunately, they're not that easy to locate.

They actually spawn at random by named locations, at the sides of the road, or in garages across Fortnite's map and there's no rhyme or reason as to where they pop up.

top speed in a whiplash, fortnite
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However, we did find one place that was pretty reliable as a Ferrari car spawn location.

If you head to Believer Beach and look for the garage/gas station on the western side of the town section, you might see one parked up by a wall there.

If there is one (and we hope there is) just jump in and start driving.

How to Reach Top Speed in a Ferrari

This is the easy part. Head out of Believer Beach (or wherever you found the Ferrari) and stick to the longest road you can.


The straighter the better, because driving off-road will only see you slow down.

Once you're going somewhat semi-fast, you'll need to boost by holding down circle if you're on PlayStation, B on Xbox, or A on Switch.

Then, you'll be rushing forward, using a load of fuel but going fast. As far as we could tell, 86 was the max speed of the Whiplash, but try and push it as far as it'll go.

Once the speedo stops going up while you boost, the challenge should be complete and you'll get the XP reward.