Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2: How to Mantle

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, takes significant risks changing or adding major game mechanics. For example, there is no more building feature (at least in the short term). Instead, now players get a highly requested Sprint option and the Overshield.

But changes didn't finish there, with the ability to run fast, characters now can jump higher, climb walls, mantle, and scale tall buildings.

We don't know if these are permanent changes or seasonal options. Nonetheless, Here's how to mantle in Fortnite Season 2...

How to Mantle in Fortnite Season 2

To climb or mantle in Fortnite, Loopers need to jump in the direction of a Ledge keeping the Jump Button held down.

This should work for both the keyboard and a controller. Usually, jumping on the keyboard is by pressing the spacebar and X or A on a controller.

It is just necessary to make sure the object trying to climb is tall enough for you to reach. Players can climb buildings that are about the double character's heights.

No longer an issue if you arrived at the place gliding, ready for a surprise attack on a roof.


Parkour can be understood as the combination of Sprinting and Mantling. Move through obstacles at high speed. Set your character for aerial ambushes. Escape with style and regroup.


Another motion option added last season is the ability to slide. Loopers can use the movement to open doors or move into small spaces. Players can slide for several meters.


The Urgent Quest, the tutorial for the new mechanics, required sliding for over 20mts. Loopers, while sprinting, need to press the assigned key to start sliding.

Fortnite mantling
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Are these mechanics permanent?

For now, they are a replacement for the building function. Without them, most players would be easy prey.

However, altogether building, sprinting, and parkour will make targeting opponents challenging.

Although Fortnite Season are not long and Epic is known to listen to the concerns of their community

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