Fortnite: How To Unlock Mystique's Shapeshifter Emote - Final Awakening Challenge!

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Awakening challenges are a new component Epic has introduced this season.

Each battle pass skin has its own set and they all unlock some unique cosmetics upon completing them.

The final one for Mystique will unlock a one of a kind emote.

Here it is!

Awakening Challenge

This is one of the challenges within the Awakening set for Mystique

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Doing this challenge will get you one step closer to completing the set.

It will require you to emote directly after eliminating someone.


This challenge couldn't get any easier.

All you have to do is eliminate a player, and it doesn't matter what game mode it is in.

Mystique min 1
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BLUE CREW - What a skin!

After doing this, immediately bring up your emote wheel and Mystique's Shapeshifter emote will be there.

This will change Mystique into whatever skin the player you just eliminated was wearing!

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