How to use a Shadow Stone in Fortnite

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Now that The Cube Queen is finally available to unlock in Fortnite Season 8, it's time to take a look at what we need to do to get our hands on her. She has two pages of content to unlock just like Superman in Season 7.

You must complete the entirety of page one before you can touch page two. There are some tricky quests on the first page, one of which asks you to use a shadow stone to creep around an enemy. Here's how you can find a shadow stone and use it to complete the quest.

Where to find a Shadow Stone

You've likely already run into plenty of shadow stones since Fortnite Season 8 began. They are the small purple cubes located all over the crash landing sites across the map. Anywhere on the map that has turned a horrible burnt orange colour is where you can find the shadow stones.

shadow stone Fortnite season 8
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They are fairly common in all of the areas so as long as you're in the right place, they shouldn't be too hard to find.

How to use a Shadow Stone and Complete the Quest

When you find a shadow stone, simply approach it and interact with it. This will turn your Fortnite character into a spectral ghost-like figure. You are not invisible to enemies but certainly a lot harder to see.

Fortnite spectral form shadow stone
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Now you just need to locate an enemy and get close to them for 3 seconds. Be careful as the shadow stones effect will not last forever, it may be best to wait for an enemy to approach before using the stone. You still take damage from enemies while in spectral form.

If you need to cancel out of your spectral form for any reason, just hold Left-Click/R2/RT and you will transform back to your characters normal appearance.

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