Fortnite: How to Use a Shield Bubble

The Fortnite Shadow of Phantasm week has re-introduced a variety of stealth-themed items to the popular battle royale, with a set of quests to go along with them.

Out of the items introduced, however, the Shield Bubble stands out quite a bit as quite an obvious and anti-stealth item due to how noticeable it is once deployed.

Despite this, the Shield Bubble is actually quite a useful tool to use in Fortnite if you implement it into your gameplay right. Here's how to find it and how it works.

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Where to Find a Shield Bubble

The good news is for those wanting to get their hands on a Shield Bubble in Fortnite, it's actually a fairly simple process with the item being added to the loot pool for chests all across the map.

While these items can be quite a rare find in chests, much like the shadow bombs you will come across them fairly quickly if you keep looting areas, letting you add this portable shield to your arsenal.

How to Use The Shield Bubble

Fortnite Shield Bubble item added in the Shadow of Phantasm week.
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Once you've gotten your hands on a shield bubble, it functions like a sticky grenade but is a support item. Once thrown it attaches to anything other than another player and creates a large blue-tinted shield dome around the grenade.

This dome is invulnerable to projectiles and explosives from both the inside and the outside but it can be walked through, eventually fading after 30 seconds or if the item itself is destroyed.

There are two main ways to use the shield bubble to your advantage. The first method is to use it as a way of healing/reviving in a combat scenario. If you're a solo player, throwing a shield bubble can be an excellent way to get some time to heal or re-apply some of your shields before re-entering a fight. Players in squads can also use this to quickly revive or even reboot players safely as well as its usual benefits.

The second method is to create a portable shield bubble when travelling the map. While you can't use the item on other players, it will attach to cars. Throwing it on the hood of a vehicle before entering a hotly contested area is a great way to keep yourself safe for longer as you travel to your next location.

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