Fortnite Late Game Solo Cash Cup: Schedule, Prizes & How to Enter

fortnite solo cash cup promo image

fortnite solo cash cup promo image

The Fortnite competitive scene for Season 4 is about to kick off with the Late Game Solo Cash Cup offering the best way to make money playing the game without a squad.

There have been quite a few changes to the way that competitive play works this season and it should mean that more players can test out their skills for a chance to win big! Here's everything you need to know about the Late Game Solo Cash Cup!

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Late Game Solo Cash Cup Schedule

There will be six total Late Game Solo Cash Cup events in Season 4. Starting on Wednesday, 26 October and the final round takes place on Monday, 28 November.

the fortnite late game solo cash cup schedule in full including times
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Each event is comprised of two rounds of play. You can play up to 12 matches in each two-hour window so bag as many points as possible. The Lat Game format skips over the early game grind and gets you straight into the action hence the less time but more games allowed compared to regular Cash Cups.

With only 30 minutes between rounds one and two, the aim appears to be to have each event wrapped up as quickly as possible.

Late Game Solo Cash Cup Prizes & How to Enter

There are currently no entry requirements attached to your arena rank for the Late Game Solo Cash Cup. You will still need to be over 13 years old and have an account with 2FA enabled and higher than level 10.

fortnite late game solo cash cup prizes from 1st place through to 11th place
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Prizes will vary depending on which server you play on. Here are the top prizes for each region. The top prize, as is often the case, can be found in the EU server.

  • NAW - $1,000
  • NAE - $2,000
  • EU - $3,000
  • OCE - $1,000
  • BR - $1,000
  • ASIA - $1,000
  • ME - $1,000

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