Fortnite: Leaked Game Mode "Liferun" Trailer Revealed! Full Details, Release Date and More!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is slowly but surely coming to a close. the season was once delayed an additional two months and we were quickly coming up on the end date for the current season.

It has been quite some since Epic Games implemented a new LTM (limited-time mode) into the rotation.

During Winterfest 2019, which was the two-week holiday celebration; Epic Games rotated through pretty much every LTM game mode we have ever seen, giving players something new to play.

Now, due to the beloved Fortnite leakers, we know about a special game mode set to be announced during next week's PAX South.

Let's dive into all the details we know about this upcoming game mode!


Fortnite season 12 game mode leak
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LEAKS - New game mode revealed!

The new game mode, which was discovered by Fortnite leaker @ShiinaBR is titled Liferun and has the following description. "In this game mode you'll play as a Red Cross Worker racing to save the lives of characters in 4 different missions!"

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It is hard to say whether or not this game is going to be a standard LTM which will be featured on the Battle Royal Hub.

Or if this new game mode will be a creative exclusive feature, meaning players will have to load up into their creative hub to access it.

We will have to wait and see which route Epic Games ultimately takes with this game mode, however, let's check out some other details about Liferun.

PAX South and Skins?

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According to @ShiinaBR, this new game is set to be announced at the upcoming PAX South gaming convention.

Which is set to kick-off in Texas this upcoming weekend, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a potential announcement if the leak is true.

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Another note to take into consideration with this game mode is the noted part about the Red Cross worker.

According to the description of this game mode, we will play as an actual Red Cross worker; we can assume this entails Fortnite and Red Cross are going to partner up for some sort of collaboration.

Maybe we will get some exclusive Fortnite skins with all the proceeds of those skins going directly to Red Crosses Australian bushfire relief?


Thanks to @ShiinaBR the full trailer for Liferun is here! Check it out!

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