Fortnite No Sweat Summer: Possible Start Date, Creative Maps & More

As the weather heats up for us here in the northern half of the world, the games industry is beginning to plan out its stretch of summer content and Fortnite is no different with its creator event of the year coming soon.

Titled "No Sweat Summer". The Fortnite Season 3 creator event will have players create their best islands within the competition's criteria. Here's all you need to know about No Sweat Summer.

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What is The Start Date For Fortnite's No Sweat Summer

The No Sweat Summer Creator Callout is active now, letting players make and submit their own summer-themed islands that really showcase the summer vibes that Season 3 of Fortnite is delivering as a whole.

According to the official Fortnite blog post, the creator callout comes to a close at 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday, July 12th 2022 with the actual discovery queue likely starting shortly after the callout concludes.

No Sweat Summer Island Design Guidelines and Callout Criteria

No Sweat Summer Fortnite Key Art
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For those wanting to get involved with the Fortnite No Sweat Summer Event, there are a few guidelines and criteria that need to be followed. Below, we have listed both the guidelines and criteria for you to look at.

Island Design Guidelines

  • New player-friendly
  • Game modes that utilize newly released devices
    • Think about leveraging devices released in the last year (e.g. Water Device, Prop Manipulator, Surf Boards, etc).
  • Thoughtful level design
    • We’d love to see levels that use sliding, sprinting, and mantling.
  • Unique content and design

Callout Criteria

  • Only one island per creator will be accepted.
  • Make sure your island is on theme.
    • Make sure your island follows the summer No Sweat theme e.g. Platformers, Deathruns, Racing, Prop Hunt, Social Deduction, etc. No combat islands.
  • We’re looking for high-quality experiences.
    • Fully functional islands that use devices well, set effective boundaries and are highly polished make for a better player experience and they make your island more likely to be featured.
  • Prioritize innovation and the use of newer devices.
    • Boundary pushing and never-before-seen designs will certainly grab our attention.
  • Each submission requires a video overview.
    • Submission videos must show a fly-through of the entire island as well as one round of gameplay.
  • Submissions must be new Islands.
    • Any island considered for featuring must be a brand new creation published during the callout period.
  • Promotional trailers are encouraged.
    • Including a captivating promotional trailer for your island is not required but highly encouraged. Submission overview videos are, however, required.
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