Fortnite Patch V11.50: Release Date, Details, Update, Features & more

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Epic Games recently announced that they have once again delayed the start date of Chapter 2 Season 2, in order to implement a new physics engine.

It has now been well over 100 days since the release of Chapter 2, and fans are growing more impatient with Epic Games every day.

From the lack of updates, and new content being added to Fortnite, games such as Escape From Tarkov are becoming the go-to game now.

However, the update that is set to change Fortnite forever, V11.50 is supposed to release within the next week or two.

So, what can we expect from this update, and how will it change Fortnite?

Chaos Physics

Noted in the official Epic Games blog post confirming the move to the new engine, it states. "Beginning with the release of the 11.50 update in early February, Fortnite will be moving to Unreal Engine's Chaos physics engine." So, upon release of the V11.50 update, they are going to start implementing this engine into Fortnite.

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ENHANCED REALISM: How will this new engine impact the way we play Fortnite?

It is unknown as of now how this new engine will impact Fortnite; however, we know that the engine is designed to allow buildings to collapse much more naturally.

Whereas currently, when you destroy a build in Fortnite, it just vanishes. Chaos Physics Engine will allow builds to look more realistic, although we do not know if this is the best idea for Fortnite.

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This is perhaps the biggest addition in Fortnite's history; we have remained on the same engine since the dawn of the game, so this is a massive change.

Although it is being underplayed by the community thus far, we can assure you that this can shake up Fortnite for the future!

What Else Can We Expect?

The Chaos Physics engine is without a doubt the biggest addition we can expect from the V11.50 patch, but that does not mean Epic Games won't add anything else!

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LOVE BUGS: Will we get any news of a Valentine's event?

Although this season has been pretty lacking, in terms of new weapons or POI's, as the only weapons added this season was the Harpoon Gun, and Heavy Assualt Rifle.

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Going forward, with the implementation of this new engine it seems like the perfect time to test out some new weapons.

This patch may be the biggest one in quite some time, so adding new weapons or mobility items is a good way for Epic Games to test how the new engine works! So expect any of the following in the latest patch!

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  • New healing items such as the Chug Jug, or Chug Splashes
  • The return of the Tactical SMG!
  • Launch Pads, Shockwave Grenades or Impulse Grenades for mobility.

Release Date?

Before Chapter 2, Epic Games had a tradition of releasing a patch every Tuesday.

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NEW SKINS? How will the new engine affect the way skins look?

Those times are long gone now, and we never know for sure when a patch is coming.

Stated that the update will come out in early February, keep your eyes peeled next week as we suspect they will roll out the update then!

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