Fortnite: Refuel a Vehicle at 3 Different Gas Stations in a Single Match Quest Guide

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For the Fortnite player wanting to complete their Season 3 battle pass ahead of the introduction of Season 4, one of the week 13 quests will be providing quite the roadblock.

Refuelling a vehicle at three separate gas stations in a single match is a task that many players would have never even thought of doing before this week so finding the correct path can be quite difficult.

Luckily, we have the perfect route for you to get an easy 15,000XP with this quest guide.

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Start off at Condo Canyon

Start off this quest guide by landing at the Fortnite location of Condo Canyon.
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Starting off this route, set your marker for the gas station on the North side of Condo Canyon, jumping and landing there from the beginning of the game. Take some time to loot the building and nearby quests if you can but jump into one of the vehicles on the outside of the building.

If there is a full tank, do a lap around the building to lose some and then refuel to mark one of the gas stations off the quest. Once you're done, set off to your next location.

Gas Station On the East Coast

Head to the small gas station on the East Coast of the map to complete the second part of the Fortnite Gas Station Quest Guide.
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Set your marker for the Gas Station just south of the islands on the Eastern side of the map. If you can't find it, simply follow the main road as far East as you can until you get towards the coast and follow the road up towards the beach. You will soon find your second gas station.

Park up here, refuel your vehicle and then move on to your third and final destination.


Gas Station North of Rocky Reels

Head to the Rocky Reels Gas Station to finish this Fortnite quest guide.
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Once you've refuelled your car at the East Coast gas station, mark your final location on the Fortnite map and begin your journey to an easy 15,000XP.

For this location, look for the large gas station to the North-East of Rocky Reels across the river. Mark it on your map and follow the roads there. This journey will take you slightly off-road as you pass by Shuffled Shrines but keep going and you'll soon make it there and get your chance to refuel for the third and final Gas Station.

While you're here, tick off another quest by challenging an NPC to a duel, bagging another 15,000XP and an easy Epic item.

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